Andrea Gralow is a culinary photographer based in Denver, CO.

The gastronomic scene has always been a second home for her. She is lucky to come from a family that values good and real food, so many of her childhood memories revolve around preparing meals and eating with her loved ones.

In her years practicing in the field of clinical psychology and psychotherapy, she would relax after work by baking macarons, originally for friends and family, eventually for a few cafes and food festivals.  Satisfied at having mastered the rarefied art of this French pastry, she ventured into sourdough baking. The starter named Horatius is currently her second longest lasting love interest.

Once she moved to Denver and saw the delicious opportunities the city had to offer, she decided to finally pursue her life long passion for food photography which she'd spent over 7 years studying in the course of developing her food and psychology related blog.

Her adoration for delicious and beautiful food guides her through life and radiates from the images she creates. There are not too many areas where being a perfectionist with an eye for a detail is praised but Andrea uses these super powers to get you the mouthwatering photos you've always dreamed of.

She thinks she's fun to be around, would have 72 dogs or more if she could, and the only exercise she is crazy about is swimming.

She always wakes up hungry, her favorite meal is dinner with her husband, she doesn't drink much coffee but she does love to slowly sip some in good company and she is not known to ever turn down a grass-fed dry-aged medium rare ribeye steak, no matter the size.

Her most impressive and fun dining experience so far took place in Barcelona's famous tapas restaurant Tickets, twice and counting! In her free time, she is currently very excited to be creating her cookbook and enjoys meeting new friends while teaching a few baking classes in Denver.

Check out her portfolio and reach out. Andrea is looking forward to hearing from you!  

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